How To Get Dark Mode On Snapchat

Snapchat has become teenagers’ favorite social media platform and is still gaining popularity with its fascinating features. Ever since short video format and face filters have come into fashion, Snapchat has reached the top position as compared to other social media portals like Facebook and Twitter. It was mainly because of Snapchat’s enormous selection of stylish features such as remix stories, stickers, the latest dark mode feature, and quirky AR lenses. 

Since the hike of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic last year, Snapchat stow away a lot of new users with addition to various new features and AR lenses to gratify their users. One such feature of Snapchat which has been the much-talked feature among smartphone goons is the dark mode feature which has proved to be helpful to many users as it’s suitable in low lighting and is easy on the eyes.

Many users suffered eye strain while using phones at night. Also, the coarse blue light from the screens makes it hard for users to sleep and might cause headaches or more. To get around this problem, Snapchat has offered users the dark mode feature as an option that darkens the user interface, with high saturation and low contrast.  

What Is Dark Mode?

Dark mode commonly known as night mode is a setting that switches the application’s color scheme to a darker sweep. The dark mode is also called bedtime mode. The main purpose of this setting is to enable users to use phones and other devices at night without straining their eyes or upsetting sleep. However, Snapchat is famous for releasing new features on a regular basis to entertain its users. Delectably, Snapchat iOS’s dark mode feature was issued in May 2021. 

Here’s How Users Can Activate Dark Mode On Snapchat For Ios Users.

Step 1. Go to the user profile on Snapchat by tapping on the ‘bitmoji’ on the top left corner of the screen. 

Step 2. Now, click on the ‘Settings’ icon on the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3. Scroll down to the ‘My Account’ settings section.

Step 4. Then, select the ‘App Appearance’ section and click on the ‘Always Dark’ option. 

Step 5. Also, by selecting the ‘Match System’ option, the application would be in sync with the system preferences on the iPhone.

Unfortunately, Snapchat hasn’t introduced the dark mode feature to Android users. Feasibly, users have discovered an issue Snapchat can’t seem to sort. However, the Android Snapchat version may not support the dark mode feature immanently but users can try auxiliary solutions. To force ‘Dark Mode’ on Snapchat, users need to turn on developer mode using settings. 

Here’s How Users Can Switch To Dark Mode On Android Devices.

Step 1. Go to the settings section by swiping down the main screen of the device by clicking on the settings (gear) icon. 

Step 2. On the settings window, select the display section and enable dark mode.

Step 3. Now, go back to the settings window and scroll down to the About Phone option.

Step 4. Then, select ‘software information’ and find ‘Build Number’. Now, repeatedly press it six times to receive an ‘almost there’ notification about developer mode after 3 taps. To enable developer mode, the user will have to fill in the password/ code. 

Step 5. After this, scroll back to the settings window and choose ‘Developer options’. Then, swipe down and select ‘Force Dark Mode’ which will enable the color scheme setting of the device too dark mode.

Perks Of Dark Mode Feature On Snapchat

Lots of social media apps have a dark mode option, and while not every user relishes the darker app view, there are different gripping reasons to use it.

Apart from basic artistic and personal selections, dark mode lessens the quantity of light coming from the screen, meaning that it chops down on power needs. Persistently lighting up the screen has always been known to impact phone battery, which is why decreasing the screen brightness is one of the most usual means to save battery life like on mobile phones. The dark mode is related in this way.

This particular model is also advised in scenarios where little intrusions are recommended or needed, like in a movie theatre. Night-time reading is one of the scenarios where dark mode can be nifty.

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