Mystic Messenger Email Characters Guide 2022

If you wish to host a party for your guests, here are the Mystic Messenger Email Guide and the correct answers. These email guides help you to enter the party as well as host the party for RFA. It is one of the hottest mobile visual novel games you can play – and not just in terms of the dialogue, but also the boys that you’ll be chatting to. A major part of this game is inviting guests to parties, and ensuring they enjoy themselves – a small part of that is answering their emails correctly.

Mystic Messenger is a Romantic Visual Novel Game with roots from South Korea which is second to none in terms of matching and getting amusement in real-time. It is an exciting app for refreshment where you will find different characters with numerous emotions and comportments leading to getting the best-suited one for You. Players can communicate with fanciful whimsical characters in call or in email messages through the application and most importantly they can invite their friends also which gives this marvelous app a whole new perspective with majesty.

These emails are used to Invite guests into the Party while you are playing with the other Story mode. You may need 15 or above 15 guests at least to throw a party and wander Ending. The Guest answers are required to make your playing more interesting and easy. It consists of 11 days, and the party can be held on the 11th day, so try your best to get to that day. And for you to successfully host a party, you should invite at least 10 guests via email. However, it only applies when you are playing the regular story or mode. If you take the V and Ray route, you need to get at least 15 guests, and you have the chance to make the best ending.

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How Does Mystic Messenger Email Work?

When you invite guests to your party, they may have a few questions for you, which they ask over email. Potential guests ask three questions before they’re guaranteed to attend – each of which you’ll have to answer correctly. That’s where our guide comes in handy. Generally, an invitation will be through a virtual messenger that you’ll see in the app.

Inviting potential guests may be a simple task, but not on through messaging. There are a few things you need to consider for your guests to enter the party. Remember, you need at least 10 guests to have a good ending, and their attendance will depend on how you respond to their messages. As per the rule, before 10 days of the actual party, you have to answer all the guest’s emails. Each guest will seek answers three times. Your guests’ name has @ symbol in it. If you fail to answer any question from an email or even one time in three times, then that guest will not attend your party. If you successfully answer all the questions three times, then the guests will surely arrive at your party.

  • If you answered three emails correctly, you could see three green arrows.
  • If you get an orange arrow, that means your answer is incorrect.

So, to make things easy for you, otome fans, here are the correct answers for each guest you’ll meet.

Rika’s Fundraising Association (RFA)

It is an organization started by Rika to raise money by fundraising through the hosting of parties, and the main basis of Mystic Messenger. After Rika’s death, the remaining members attempt to keep the parties going but without any success.

At the start of the game, when the player joins the mystic chat room that the RFA members are in under unforeseen circumstances, they are required to take up their job of contacting guests and hosting parties once again. All matters related to RFA would be in Rika’s apartment – which V refuses to tell anyone in the organization about due to the fact that her apartment is full of classified RFA information.

How to get a good ending in mystic messenger?

Here are some tips that will be useful and helpful to you for Good Party Ending With Mystic Messenger emails Guide. These are the steps to follow so you can stay active.

  • Don’t panic if guests don’t show up to the invitation. Keep calm.
  • Continue to invite guests and answer the questions correctly.
  • Chat Sessions are a great way to discover the Other Story Stages and other related items.
  • To make the chat sessions more interesting, use Hearts and other items.
  • Remember that a hundred heats equal an hour of glass or HG.
  • Read our Questions and Answers List to Be Prepared Before Party Day
  • Be sure to answer every question correctly, and always aim for the green Arrows.

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Mystic Messenger Email Characters Guide

There are many amazing Mystic Messenger characters that are plotted in the deep, casual, and other story modes. You can select your favorite one and start the deep story, throw parties, invite guests, and do many more things.

707 – Saeyoung Choi

Saeyoung Choi is commonly known as “707” or Seven in App. You can enjoy the story with this character, it is a go-happy lucky in the game group. He is funny and always makes fun of other characters.

V – Jihyun Kim

The very famous Jihyun Kim also known as “V”. is the most popular and mysterious character in the game. If you play the Deep Story you are able to select this character, which makes the character more interesting as well. There are lots of secrets of this character with this Fiance Rika would be revealed in Story mode.

Zen – Hyun Ryu

Zen is a flirty character and easily available in the Casual mode of the story. He is a very great character, loves to talk selfies every time. A celebrity nature character and his full name is Hyun Ryu. If you like this character enjoy the game with Zen.

Jaehee Kang

Chief Assistant Jaehee Kang only lady character in the game which is available for the Casual mode of Story. Jaehee is a very interesting and rich character and owner of the C and R international as well. Many people love to play casual mode with this Jaehee character.


The most beautiful fair lady character of the deep story. She is a founder of the organization known as Rika’s Fundraising Association and has a high rank in the Mint Eye Organization. She is a Fiance of Jihyun Kim as I mentioned above. There are lots of secrets of V and Rika if you want to know to play the story.


This is the very first character that you will meet in the Casual Story mod. Yoosung is the Most sensitive and light-hearted character of the game. he also loves to play games a lot, you will like him for sure.

Jumin Han

He is a busy guy who owns a big company. He avoids women because he does not like them and has a bad impression of women as well. His cat is also very famous in the story made by Elizabeth 3. He is a boring guy but people love him in the story.


The Mystic Messenger email application allows the player to play it via the Mobile smartphone and communicate the characters with this Mystic Messenger Emails guide like a real-life scene or a situation. The fictional Characters even communicate with you on voice call only through this application.

Each character has different behavior and emotion which makes this app more interesting and awesome. You can invite your friends as well and the other game players with the emails. The characters will ask you questions and the correct answers are available on this website.

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